Arimaw Productions has been producing summer camps and after school classes for over 20 years.

We produce fantasy camps for kids to grow their minds and foster creative engagement in a plethora of subjects.

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Current Camp in a Crate offerings include:
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-Science Camp
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Current Party in a Crate offerings include:
-Magic Party
-Science Party
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Amazing Race (ages 7-12)

Join the adventure! Based on the wildly popular CBS show, campers will go to many parks and other recreational locations around your neighborhood and will compete in a wide variety of challenges that will test their mental and physical abilities, and they will be doing lots of crafts, and earning lots of prizes as they go throughout each stage (each day) of the Amazing Race experience. Do they have what it takes to win?

American Girl (ages 7-12)

A fusion of our Spa, Sewing, and Project Runway Camps, campers will not only be able to do their own makeup, hair, nails, and other styling, but can also design fashion for one of their dolls, as is the theme of American Girl. We will teach campers how they themselves can design custom outfits for their dolls, and customize outfits for themselves too! (suggested that child puts their name on any dolls they bring)

Art (ages 7-12)

For the camper that loves to draw, sketch, and sculpt: we have the perfect camp for you. Art camp will teach students basic drawing skills across many different styles and disciplines in popular art, basic sculpting skills, and many other artistic skills needed to turn a blank sheet of paper into a masterfully created work of art. Students will receive lots of practice in these various styles of artistic expression, and will gain skills, memories, and a passion for art that could last a lifetime.

The Art of Cooking (formerly “Cartoons & Cooking”) (ages 7-12)

Every culinary master knows that in cooking, the presentation is as important as the taste. This new fusion of our tried and true Art and Cooking camps, which we call “The Art of Cooking”, will put the imaginations, as well as the artistic and culinary talents of our campers to the test. Our week-long camp will teach campers new recipes and the culinary skills to make these tasty treats a delicious reality, and will also allow them to channel their imaginations and find their style in the presentation of both their dishes and the artistic details of the surrounding décor.  All they learn will be put to the test within the camp at various points throughout the week, leading up to the end-of-the-week parent lunch on Friday.

Bubbles and Balloons (ages 5&6)

Does your child love bubbles and balloons? If so, how about a week-long camp dedicated to both?! Campers will enjoy a wide variety of bubble and balloon activities, including but not limited to: balloon animals and other balloon art, rocket balloons, balloon musical instruments, bubbles of all sizes, touchable bubbles, bubble balloons, water balloons, making their own bubble wands, and much more!

Bounce N’ Bop Bubble Suit (ages 8-12)

Bounce N Bop Bubble Suit Camp is fun for the child that just wants to run around. Why? Because we let them do it in a bubble suit! Roll, run, bounce and bump into stuff in a perfectly safe ball suit. We play games like bubble soccer, human pinball, and others.

Ceramics (aka “Create with Clay”) (ages 7-12)

For campers that love to make a clean and beautiful work of art, but also love getting their hands dirty to do it, we present the perfect way to scratch that artistic itch: our camper-tested and camper-approved Ceramics Camp. The Arimaw Ceramics Camp has been a source of good, not-so-clean fun for the past few years, delighting many campers throughout as they express themselves through many the variations of 3-dimensional art that we offer during the course of the week.

Claymation (ages 7-12)

You may remember such animated movies and shows as Gumby, or the Island of Misfit Toys; these are example of stop-motion animation. In Claymation Camp, campers will, in addition to getting lots of time to free-play with clay, learn how to make their own stop-motion movies: learning the crafts of character creation and design (with clay), plot design, setting design, and execution of the frame-by-frame video style that makes these movies a unique fixture in television and film.

Cooking/ Top Chef (aka “Around the World Cooking”) (ages 7-12)

One of our longest running and most successful camps, Cooking Camp (aka Top Chef Camp) teaches campers how to make a wide variety of different foods using a wide variety of cooking methods. Children will learn how to perform cooking methods such as proper cutting, boiling, and pan frying in as safe an environment as possible, and under the watchful eyes of some of our most experienced teachers. Your camper will learn how to make dishes from a variety of different cultures, including but not limited to: Latin American, Asian, American, Italian, Indian, and others (regional foods presented in camp depend on our teacher, as each has different regional specialties and themes). We cater to different dietary restrictions and needs, so if your child has any allergies or other dietary restrictions (vegetarian, vegan, lactose intolerant, etc.) please let us know when signing your child up so we can alter our material appropriately.

Cooking and Chemistry (ages 7-12)

Make awesome culinary concoctions while learning about the wonders of science with Cooking and Chemistry Camp! We use something fun like cooking as a mode to teach kids about the chemical properties of certain foods, and how phenomena such as heating, cooling, stirring, and other cooking-related actions can fundamentally alter an inedible (or just gross) substance or group of substances into the delicious food that we enjoy every day. Please let us know if your child has any allergies or other dietary restrictions (vegetarian, vegan, lactose intolerant) when signing up so we can alter our material accordingly.

Cooking and Culture (ages 7-12)

One of our longest running and most successful camps, Cooking Camp (aka Top Chef Camp) teaches campers how to make a wide variety of different foods using a wide variety of cooking methods. Children will learn how to perform cooking methods such as proper cutting, boiling, and pan frying in as safe an environment as possible, and under the watchful eyes of some of our most experienced teachers. Your camper will learn how to make dishes from a variety of different cultures, including but not limited to: Latin American, Asian, American, Italian, Indian, and others (regional foods presented in camp depend on our teacher, as each has different regional specialties and themes). We cater to different dietary restrictions and needs, so if your child has any allergies or other dietary restrictions (vegetarian, vegan, lactose intolerant, etc.) please let us know when signing your child up so we can alter our material appropriately.

Digital Music (ages 7-12)

Do you want to be the next Diplo or Daft Punk? Do you just love the sound of music that has been remixed, and have ideas of songs and how to make current songs sound even more awesome? Then do we have the camp for you. Introducing Digital Music Camp, a camp dedicated to learning how to use music/DJ software, and maybe even a turntable, to take your favorite songs from “yeah, that’s good” to “DUDE, THAT’S EPIC!!!”. We will be covering how to tweak the timing and adding in sound effects to songs, combining songs or parts of songs together, and selecting certain beats to make beats and songs all your own! (Warning: Songs created at camp are for personal use only. Any song used in any mix made at camp is the intellectual property of the song’s original creator and associated music label or studio. Any attempt to resell music using material from existing songs is prohibited without the consent of the song’s original artist and/or associated music label/studio. Arimaw Productions and its affiliates are not liable for any legal action brought about as a result of the attempted sale or redistribution of songs made at camp that contain material from existing songs).

Dinosaur (ages 5&6)

We are now offering a Dinosaur Camp, perfect for children that are into dinosaurs and/or archeology. We will take a journey through the Triassic, Cretaceous, and Jurassic periods, taking a look at the dinosaurs that lived in each, making lots of dinosaur crafts, playing fun dinosaur games, and doing just a little bit of digging for fossils.

Duct Tape (aka “Duct Tape Dynasty”) (ages 7-12)

You may have seen the bags, the wallets, the prom dresses, and all the other unbelievable things that are made with duct tape. Would you like to know how to make those kinds of cool things? In Duct Tape Camp campers will learn the fundamentals of, and get experience in making some of the cool duct tape objects and effects that may have astounded you before, along with new things that you probably haven’t seen yet that will amaze.

Edible Science (ages 7-12)

Any chef, cook, or culinary professional would tell you that cooking is an art, but we would argue that it is a fusion of both art and science, the latter of which is the focus of this camp. In Edible Science camp we will be creating delicious food using various types of scientific reactions. We will be observing these reactions, and then tasting the delicious product that thee given reaction created. This is the smart way to learn to cook: this is Edible Science!

Electronics (ages 7-12)

Today, in this information age, electronics are at the very center of our lives. But how do they work? What components are at play to make the many electronic items we see every day do what they do? We will explore that and much, much more in Electronics Camp. Students will experiment with various circuits that serve any of a variety of different functions, take apart and inspect certain electronic items, learn the basic components of modern circuitry, and have lots of fun throughout.

Farm to Face (Ages 7-12)

A cooking camp that is guaranteed vegetarian and organic! We will be working with fresh and wholesome ingredients to make food that is tasty, healthy, and has a minimal impact on our environment. We teach campers how to make some really good food that you wouldn’t believe is as healthy as it is. In addition, we will also give campers the opportunity to start growing a plant of their own, and teach them cool tricks such as composting to keep the soil for their plants at its best, because as with our own diets, what you feed your plants matters!

Film Making/ Film Acting (aka “Film Acting/ Music Video”)(ages 7-12)

Is your child a fan of the spotlight? When they see actors, reporters, or commentators do they just want to pick up a microphone or a camera and make the magic happen? Then Film Making/ Film Acting Camp is just the thing for them! Campers will learn the fundamentals of filmmaking and work together to make videos of all types, showing off their talents as they go. We end the week with a private screening of the kids’ short films, and make the videos accessible to parents at the end of the week (we have them on a secure site and will give the site and passwords to the counselor to give to you directly after the screening, or send home with your child at the end of the week).

Fishing (aka “Fishing Frenzy”) (ages 8-12)

One of our most popular camps, Fishing Camp takes campers around to some of the best fishing spots in the county to try their hand at reeling in the big catch! We teach the fundamentals of fishing, such as how to put together the best line for the location and desired catch, how to safely handle a rod to prevent harm to yourself and those around you, and the little behaviors that will better your chances of catching a fish. Throughout the week we will take them pier fishing at various locations, and out on a half-day boat to go out onto the open water after the biggest catches possible. Don’t have your own rod? No problem! While we encourage campers to bring their own rods, hooks and other fishing gear, we do have loaner rods, hooks, bait, etc. for those who don’t have their own that will still do the trick.

Fort Building (aka “Epic Fort Building”) (ages 7-12)

Have a blast and learn how to construct a variety of makeshift forts. Our Fort Building Camp lets kids use their creativity and problem solving skills, as they work in teams to build forts to survive the environment of the day. In addition, campers are instructed on various types of knots and other building techniques to increase their odds of success in the environment challenges. And who knows, they may just be able to help you the next time you have trouble setting up a tent.

Frozen™ (Ages 5-7)

Based on the hit Disney movie, campers will do a lot of fun activities relating to snow, princesses, and magic. Crafting a crown and castle to rule over, making snow globes with campers’ favorite characters from the movie inside, making their very own Olaf (the snowman… in case you forgot, despite the fact the fact that your kid only made you watch it about a hundred times), and making snow in several different ways are just a few of the activities we do in Frozen™ Camp!

Glee (ages 7-12)

Are you ready to show off that amazing voice? The Glee Camp is for you! Work with our professional actors/ singing coaches to better your already amazing voice, and work with your fellow campers to build a routine and film a music video. Videos will be available to parents at the end of the week via a link and password to our secure site.

Golf (ages 7-12)

This week-long camp is based around learning the skills and getting practice at the fine game of golf. Campers will go to driving ranges, golf courses, and even mini golf to learn and refine their putting, driving and chipping skills. New to the game? We’ve got it covered! Our instructors have plenty of tips and tricks to help any newbie to the game build confidence in their shots from tee-off to sinking that final putt. Although we do advise that campers bring their own clubs, tees, gloves, balls, etc. if they have them (it is definitely better to have gear that you are used to using in this game) we do have loaner clubs, balls and tees for children who do not have their own.

Harry Potter (aka “Muggles & Magic” or “Wizardry”) (ages 7-12)

Experience the magic with Harry Potter camp! Join one of the Hogwarts houses, or make one of your very own, and earn house points and prizes throughout your time at camp. Learn lots of cool and confounding magic; hone your skills in mock wizard duels with water guns and balloons; make cool crafts such as your very own Snitch, Marauder’s Map, and customized sword of Godric Gryffindor; make potions of all colors and consistencies; and even play a touch of Quidditch (Yes, you read that right, we play Quidditch!). A magical adventure awaits at Harry Potter camp!

Harry Potter Cooking

Take a taste of the wizarding world with Harry Potter Cooking Camp! Learn how to make delectable delights, plentiful palatable potions, and other forms of magical tasty treats of all sorts, all while gaining the basics of cooking that you can use well beyond our week-long camp. In addition to cooking up some goodies, we may also teach you a trick, or two, or a few, to confound and befuddle muggles of all ages.

Hip-Hop Dance (ages 5&6 or 7-12)

Feel the beat, stomp your feet, and bust a move like they do on the street. This week-long camp is dedicated to dancing and making your mark by showing your moves. Work individually and as a team to create and perfect routines that will be on display at the end-of-the-week dance exhibition for friends and family. This camp will teach campers valuable skills such as teamwork, patience, and focus as they work to master their choreography together, all while not only building the strength, coordination and flexibility that dance provides, but also in being able to express themselves through the moves they put forward in their individual, freestyle routines. Hit the floor and make it happen in Hip-Hop Dance Camp!

Icky Sticky (aka “Itty Bitty Ooey Gooey Science”) (ages 5-7)

Is your child the one that can’t stay clean? Do they love nothing more than playing in the slimiest, gooiest, ickiest and stickiest stuff they can get their hands on? Introducing Icky Sticky Camp: perfect for a young child who just loves anything and everything icky!

Itty Bitty Bugs and Slugs (aka “Bugs and Slugs”) (Ages 5-7)

Their ooey and their gooey, their slimy and they make parents whiny, they make a mess and by now I hope you’ve guessed, that I’m talking about Bugs and Slugs! This week-long camp gives kids the opportunity to do slimy experiments that can resemble the slimy feel of a slug trail; gives them the opportunity to interact with actual bugs, and learn about the positive impact certain types of bugs have in our environment; and can show them how to take care of these little creatures so you can reap the full benefits of what they do.

Itty Bitty Chefs (ages 5&6)

Does your child look on as people do things in the kitchen with the desire to see what it’s all about? Are you thinking that you just can’t wait until you can just tell your child to go make some food for themselves instead of coming to you every time? Do you want to encourage your child’s independence and self-confidence? If you answered yes to any of those, then we have your answer right here: introducing Itty Bitty Chefs Camp, where campers will learn how to make a variety of treats that are as delicious as they are easy to make!

Itty Bitty Hip-Hop Dance Team (aka “Hip-Hop Theme”)

Feel the beat and bust a move in Itty Bitty Hip-Hop Dance Team camp! This week-long camp is dedicated to being up, getting active and working together as a camp and as a team to make the best and most organized routine we can, and to have a lot of fun in the process. Hit the floor and make it happen in Hip-Hop Dance Camp!

Itty Bitty Music (ages 5-7)

If your little one loves music, then this is the place for them. Itty Bitty Music is the perfect way for your child to learn the fundamentals of music, and have a lot of fun in the process. Our instructor will be teaching the most basic beats and notes by having the kids play along with a variety of easy-to-use instruments such as drums, shakers, flutes, and many other basic instruments. Campers will also be making their own instruments to personalize and take home.

Itty Bitty Ninja Turtles (aka “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”“Ninja Warriors”) (ages 4-7)

Get ready to kick some shell, dude! Introducing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Camp: where you can (safely) practice your skills as an ultimate kick-butt ninja warrior, just like Raf, Leo, Donnie and Mikey. Show off your ninja routines with (plastic and foam) ninja weapons like nunchucks (light foam cheer sticks and string), Katanas (plastic (for ninja routines only, not for actual combat) and foam cheer sticks), bowstaff (foam pool noodle), and sai (plastic (for ninja routines only, not for actual combat) and inflatable nylon “ninja knives”); make crafts that include a variety of ninja tools for action, disguise, and escape; play lots of games to train and show off your ninja athleticism; and of course, what would a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Camp be without…Pizza Friday! Come and have a shell of a time at Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Camp!

Itty Bitty Pirates (aka “Buccaneer”) (ages 5-7)

Ahoy! Set sail for adventure in our Itty Bitty Pirates camp! Campers will explore the world of pirates, as they practice their sword play (safely), hide and dig up buried treasure, draw maps, learn how to turn paper into boats, hats, and all other manner of pirate apparel, and much, much more!

Itty Bitty Princesses (ages 5-7)

We cordially invite you to apply to our Itty Bitty Princess camp, where the fairest maidens in the land shall learn the skills and trade of being a royal. Our camp will let campers explore all that is princesses, as they design dresses, create their own crowns, and get to rule the kingdom like their favorite princesses.

Itty Bitty Robotics (ages 5-7)

For young children who love robots and /or technology of any kind. Itty Bitty Robotics camp allows campers the opportunity to observe (through playing, naturally) a wide array of electronics, and see just how much we can do with technology. Campers will get to take apart certain items, see how we use batteries to make machines work via building circuits, and even build a small robot!

Itty Bitty Science (ages 5-7)

Introducing the toned-down version or our popular science-themed camps: Itty Bitty Science. This camp is the perfect camp for the young mind that is curious to understand the way many of the things we see every day work. We will introduce basic scientific principles, such as gravity, motion, chemical reactions, and others in a way that is fun, and will help a young mind retain the actual lessons taught in the camp by giving them an unforgettable camp experience!

Itty Bitty Superheroes (ages 5-7)

Look! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s Itty Bitty Superheroes camp! Campers will have a blast as they become their favorite hero (Marvel or DC, we don’t play favorites), or a new hero all their own: fighting evil, designing their cool super hero capes and costumes, and fighting crime! Save the day at Superheroes camp!

Jewelry Making (ages 7-12)

For the creative, patient, and meticulous campers: Jewelry Making camp can give you exactly the creative outlet you desire. Learn how to craft lots of awesome jewelry and other accessories to show off your style and express your creativity. Everything you make is yours to keep, and along the way you will learn lots of awesome and useful skills for making beautiful DIY Jewelry and accessories of all kinds.

Junior Cake Boss (ages 5-7)

For all the little chefs out there, we introduce Junior Cake Boss camp. Campers will learn the fundamentals of the preparation and decoration of a wide variety of sweet treats… and yes, they will get to eat said sweet treats. Kids will have a blast, get delicious treats, and exercise their creativity in this awesome camp!

Junior Musical Theatre (ages 5-7)

For your little camper that wants to take center stage and be the star, we introduce Junior Musical Theatre camp! This theatre prep camp will teach your little camper the tricks of the trade in the world of theatre. Taught by actors, your child will learn the details of acting, such as stage positioning, movement, singing, and voice control, all while preparing for the end-of-the-week concert for friends and family.

Junkyard Music (ages 8-12)

Music isn’t about playing a perfectly handcrafted several-hundred-dollar instrument, it’s about the beat, and the rhythm, and how it makes you feel when you get swept up in it, and that’s just what we set out to prove in Junkyard Music camp! In this camp we make our music using ordinary everyday items to make our music: who needs cymbals when you have two pan lids, or a drum set when you have different sized pots, or a fancy custom-made wood block when you have…two blocks of wood?! Aside from exercising our imaginations to create our instruments, we will also be practicing real music theory, learning the different types of notes, and learning how to identify, read and write basic sheet music, all while having a whole lot of noisy rowdy fun.

Kendama (aka “Kendama Skills”) (ages 7-12)

For the experienced kendama lovers, we have just the camp for you. A whole week dedicated to the learning and practicing of kendama’s fundamental aspects, tricks and routines. Campers will have a lot of fun learning and practicing new tricks and routines with the help of our instructors, and all along the way being rewarded for their skills with prizes, new kendamas, and (unofficial; only applicable in class, but still fun for friendly competition) classroom dan rankings. In addition to kendama exercises, we will also do a lot of other activities centered on improving the skills of coordination, reflexes, and patience that are so crucial to kendama.

LEGO Fury (ages 7-12)

For the builders, the creators, and the campers who just think LEGOs are a blast to play with, we introduce LEGO Fury camp! Campers will get to build models and express their creativity and imagination using our large collection of LEGOs, and will have lots of LEGO-themed crafts , LEGO-themed games, and building contests to put their creativity and building ingenuity to the test.

Magic (aka “Mysteries of Magic” or “Magicians R Us”) (ages 8-12)

Abra kadabra! One of our longest running and most popular camps, Magic camp offers campers the ability to get a plethora of different magic tricks, and learn how to use each and every one to put on a spectacular show! In addition to these many tricks, we will also be building their magical wardrobe with a variety of magical crafts, and having lots of fun magical games to test their knowledge and skill as magicians-to-be and as campers who just want to have a lot of fun!

Magical Minis (aka “Mini Magic”) (ages 5-7)

For your little camper, we now have a less intimidating version of our popular magic camp that is perfect for younger children: introducing Magical Minis camp! Your little camper will learn the basics of how to present a trick, will build their magical style with a multitude of crafts, and will get some fun and easy-to-learn tricks that will allow them to comfortably ease into the topic of magic. This camp will give these little magicians-to-be a firm and comfortable start toward building their own magical persona and routines, and increase their speaking ability and self-confidence as they do.

Media Madness/ Kid TV (ages 7-12)

Does your child love being the center of attention? If so, then we have the perfect camp: Media Madness/ Kid TV! Campers will learn how to present themselves confidently in front of a camera, and learn the skills used by people across the various disciplines of the television and film world to make the best possible program. Campers will make short videos, skits, broadcasts, and other filmed performances across the film and television disciplines, so they can get experience across many topics, see the similarities and differences in the filming and performance through each, and get the basic skills from them all. In addition to the filming itself, campers will also be doing scripting, plot designing, building props and settings for their skits, and designing/ creating costumes. The videos created will be available loaded to a secure site where they can be viewed with a link and/or password that you will receive at the end of the week.

Minecraft (ages 7-12)

Hop off your game console and bring the world of Minecraft outdoors. Work in teams to build forts, box mazes, Lego models and more. Design your own characters, create your own (totally safe) versions of Minecraft favorites such as pickaxes, swords, shields and armor, and use your new tools to creatively conquer challenges just like in the game!

Musical Theatre (The Lion King or Pinocchio for Summer 2017) (ages 8-12)

Take the stage in Musical Theatre camp! This camp will take campers through the various aspects of theatre, and through the many steps that go into creating a successful performance at any level of theatre. Your child will work with our professional actors/ theatre director as we go through casting, rehearsal, stage and prop design, choreography, and much more; all leading up to the matinee performance at the end of the two weeks. This camp is a great way to build confidence and public speaking skills for your child, as well as laying the groundwork for the success of any thespian-to-be via the skills and experience this camp will provide. Think of this as the little league of theatre.

Note: We supply all necessary props and costumes for performances, and will never ask campers or parents to purchase any items specifically for said performances. That said, campers may bring in items they already own to augment their costumes with permission from parents and approval by our instructor(s).

Musicology: Math and Music (ages 7-10)

This music camp teaches the absolute basics of music. Good for children who have absolutely no knowledge of music, and would like a head start prior to entering elementary or middle school music classes. We teach campers how to identify the different types of notes and rests on paper by hearing the beat, and being able to replicate the beats if they see the notes. We use mathematics to teach them how to count off the notes and rests to help with their timing throughout a song. We will also teach the most basic chords, and bring beats and chords together to hopefully be able to play some basic songs, and to be able to read basic sheet music.

Mythbusters (ages 7-12)

Are you ready for science…with a bang (it’s safe, don’t worry)?! If you answered yes then come join us at Mythbusters camp! True to the theme of the show, campers will get to experiment and learn a lot about physics and chemistry, while having a blast making things pop, squish, grow, shrink, change color, and yes, even occasionally go boom (it’s safe, we swear). These are scientific experiments taught by experienced professionals that you can try at home! (berets and mustaches not included… or maybe they are, we haven’t decided yet).

Ninja Warriors (ages 5-7 or 7-12)

Learn the arts of the legendary shadow warriors: the ninja. In our Ninja Warriors camp, we will focus on learning the various skills that made the ninja so successful and generally awesome, but do so in a way that is absolutely safe. Aside from crafting and using ninja weapons such as the nunchuck (made from light foam cheer sticks and string), the sword (light foam cheer sticks or pool noodles), sai (light inflatable inflatable nylon “ninja knives”) and the bowstaff (a full-sized pool noodle), we will also be focusing on other non-combat ninja abilities via fun games that teach the arts of stealth, disguise, fitness, tricking the senses (the reason ninja were known to be capable of magic), strategy and problem solving. A good ninja can win in a fight, but a great ninja can win without his/her opponents ever lifting their weapons.

Photography (ages 7-12)

Campers get practice with taking pictures of many things, and get to express their creativity in their pictures and in the various frames and types of frames that will be used to hold them. Students will learn how to create and (at the end of the week) will take home a portfolio for their pictures, and they will learn how to organize and place them to make the most of each one. Students will also learn how to edit pictures, learning about lighting and glare, angles, cropping, framing, and other details that can make a picture the best it can be.

Physics Phantasma (ages 7-12)

From flight to magnets to computers to the simple drop of a pencil, everything is related to physics in some way. In Physics Fantasma camp, we explore the many ways that physics affects our lives and the things around us via fun experiments. We will focus on seeing these everyday occurences through the lens of observation and the scientific method; we will explore what principles are at play in these occurrences, and how campers can repeat the occurrences at their whim via a wide variety of fun and amazing activities. It will be the most fun week of learning they will ever experience, here at Physics Fantasma!

Pokémon (ages 7-12)

Gotta Catch ‘em All! Chances are you’ve heard of Pokémon: the global phenomenon that began with catching 150(151) Pokémon, and has since, most recently with the expansion from this last year’s release of Pokémon Sun and Moon (marking the “seventh generation” of Pokémon), expanded to a whopping 791+ Pokémon to catch in all! In Pokémon camp, we will be focusing on everything Pokémon! We will be trading and battling with Pokémon cards; making cool Pokémon crafts from accessories to statuettes to our very own cards (not for official use of course) and many, many things in between; playing Pokémon-related games to test your physical abilities as a Pokémon trainer, as well as trivia to test your Poké-knowledge; and giving away official Pokémon trading cards, among other things, as prizes! Come join the adventure at Pokémon camp!

Project Runway (ages 7-12)

History is a force always in motion, and the famous models and designers of the future are just students today. We give these students the first steps toward building that future with our Project Runway camp. Based on the television series, our camp will instruct campers on the basic skills of creating fashion, such as designing/sketching, measuring, and sewing. In addition, campers will also get to strut their stuff on the runway to show off their fabulous creations. This camp provides a perfect outlet for students to be able to exercise their creativity and imagination.

Robotics (ages 7-12)

Introducing our newest camp for the engineers and builders of the future, Robotics camp! This week-long camp will teach campers the fundamental concepts of robotics, as they make basic robots to perform a variety of functions. This camp is in line with the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) teaching, and the lessons we teach in Robotics camp will give your child a head-start toward not only being successful in any future technology-based classes, but also help them build a love for science and technology that could guide them into what could later become a promising career in the ever-expanding and infinitely marketable tech industry.

Rockets and Flight (ages 7-12)

From the dawn of man we have imagined what it would be like to fly through the air, and while we can’t actually fly through the air (safety concerns), we can do the next best thing: Rockets and Flight camp! This camp will give campers a wide variety of flying contraptions, and, using these many contraptions teach them the many ways in which we can propel objects into and keep objects in the air. We will test everything from kites, to gyro-copters, to the grand finale: a completely DIY model rocket that we will shoot way up into the air (talking like anywhere from 50 to 100 yards up if we have ideal flight conditions)!

School Lunch Cooking (ages 7-12)

Learn to prepare everything for a delicious and balanced lunch with School Lunch Cooking camp! We teach campers how to make the best possible versions of traditional lunch favorites as well as new tasty treats they never would have thought to try. We aren’t redefining lunch; we’re just making it the best we can, and teaching campers how to do so too.

Sewing (ages 7-12)

Perfect for the camper who is creative, imaginative, patient, and would prefer learning a new skill in the comfort or the indoors; we present Sewing camp! In this camp, campers will learn the skill of sewing, and will gain experience in a variety of sewing’s applications, such as knitting, crocheting, combining fabric to make an item of clothing or an accessory, sewing on buttons or other non-fabric attachments, embroidering, and much more!

Smash Lab (age 7-10)

Everybody knows that if there’s one thing kids are great at, it’s destruction. Let your child channel their destructive nature and have a blast in the process with Smash Lab Camp! Campers get to build a variety of structures, and use just as diverse of an arsenal to tear them down! We also get to take apart electronic devices and look at how they work, and then put them back together, and if they don’t work, then they’re the next smashing target. While we ensure they will have a lot of fun breaking things, we also make sure campers are well-supervised and safe as they do.

Spa Retreat/ Spa-tastic! (aka “Super Stylist) (ages 7-12)

Parents, you aren’t the only ones that deserve a little R&R now and again. Introducing Spa Retreat/Spa-tastic! Camp, where your child will spend a whole week learning about and experiencing the various methods of relaxation and beautification through the luxury of experiencing it firsthand. Campers will work in groups as they practice things such as makeup application, hair styling and coloring (with one-day washable hair dye), skin and nail care, painting and other nail art, mani-pedis, and other various methods of relaxation and indulgence. Let’s be honest: it’s virtually a week-long slumber party/ spa session.

Stage Performance (ages 8-12)

Do you have a passion for the theatre, but want to do it your way? Join our Singing and Stage Performance Camp, where you can get practice on stage from professional actors with singing, dancing, poise and other stage behaviors, and voice manipulation. In addition to being on stage, you also get the opportunity work as a group to make your own skit to perform at the end of the week. Learn how to design a setting, plot, and characters; generate the dialogue, musical numbers, and choreography; build the backgrounds, costumes, and props; and bring it all together through rehearsal, all in anticipation for your skit’s end-of-the-week premier!

Star Wars (ages 5-7 and/or 7-12)

“The force is strong with this one”. Join our Star Wars camp, and train alongside your fellow campers as you become the heroes that will save (or subjugate, we do get the occasional Sith after all) the galaxy! Our activities will take a journey through the history of the Star Wars universe, as campers go from using thermal detonators (not really thermal detonators) and blasters (just slingshots, well-supervised and safe) to take down simulation battle droids in the clone wars, to honing the force and their lightsaber skills as Jedi to take on Darth Vader (or Kylo Ren) and the evil Galactic Empire (or First Order), and many, many things in between. May the force be with you.

Survivalist (ages 8-12)

Are you an adventurer? Do you want to learn what it takes to thrive and survive in any wild situation? Then do we have the camp for you. In Survivalist camp you will learn how to locate, grow, and cook food, how to set up a variety of shelter types, and learn everything from knots to traditional methods of finding direction to how to make various survival necessities. Think that is too easy? We may even challenge you to build a hammock and survive in real style.

Survivor (ages 8-12)

Based on the popular CBS show, campers will learn and be tested on their survival skills as they compete in a wide variety of survival-based games and challenges. While we do not vote people off like in the show, we do give lots of cool crafts and prizes to those who show off their skill and teamwork in the challenges.

Teen Top Chef (ages 13-15)

We get it, you’re a teenager: you’ve gone through cooking camps and seen it all…but have you really? Teen Top Chef Camp takes it a step further: using more diverse kitchenware and materiel to make even more complex recipes worthy of an age group that is more complex and ready for a real challenge.

Top Chef: Just Desserts

Let your campers satisfy their sweet tooth with Top Chef: Just Desserts! Here we will explore and maybe even build on some old favorites, along with adding some new recipes you wouldn’t believe tasted so good! And of course in all the culinary craziness we do give them time for extra-curricular activities, you know, so they aren’t just barrels of pent up, sugared-up crazy when you get them back.

YouTube™ Video (ages 7-12)

Learn the basics of video making, editing, and posting to video sharing sites such as YouTube™ and Vimeo™ at our YouTube™ Video camp! Through the course of this week-long camp, campers will learn how to shoot lots of different types of videos, ranging from sports videos to video tutorials to short skits and many things in between. We will also be looking at the aspects that go on behind the scenes of a successful video project, such as story boarding, scene blocking and prop design for the skits, how to break projects down step-by-step in online tutorials, as well as things such as volume control and aspects of movement that are universally applicable in performance and presentation of any kind. This camp is a great self-esteem booster, teaches your child the skills associated with performing or presenting in front of people, and is a whole lot of fun!

Zombie Survival

What will you do when the zombie apocalypse comes? Well, you’ll do everything right of course, because you got the proper zombie survival training at Zombie Survival camp! Campers will learn the basics of survival for just such a zombie outbreak, as well as having a blast learning skills to battle our simulated zombies (we can’t afford real ones, sorry). Other lessons will include basic anti-zombie first-aid, anti-zombie bunker building, and anti-zombie “RUN AWAAAAYYYY!!!” conditioning challenges.

Zoology (aka “Animal Grossology” or “Junior Zookeeper”) (ages 7-12)

Do you love animals? Then you will love our Zoology camp. Campers will learn cool facts about their favorite animals and the areas in which said animals live, play cool animal games, make cool animal crafts, and even receive the occasional visit from some of our amazing animal friends. We look forward to teaching campers to love and appreciate the diverse ecosystems that comprise our planet, and the animal friends that inhabit them.


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